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This Is How Our Story Began

I remember as a new burlesque performer going through many stages and changes there were only a few classes offered and as you know you can't learn everything you need to know in a class or workshop.  The learning process should be an ongoing process.

As a professional dancer I thought Burlesque was easy.  As a former Exotic Entertainer I thought all I had to do was take off my clothes.  

With any art or job you must learn the history.  You must learn how to strip in many ways.  You must learn about our Legends (past and present).  You must learn the business side.  You must learn who's Who. You must learn the difference between the style and genres.  You must Learn! You must Learn! You must Learn!

So I decided to not only teach dance but to teach the subjects I was lacking during my studies.  

The House of Knyle Mentorship is a program to guide and assist the new and seasoned performer.  My program assist the mentee to create their own syllabus while following the mentors and begin to develop physically, emotionally, physically and teasing.

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