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My Legacy Ceremony 

Master Mentor Award - Golden Legends Challenge 2023

The Golden Legend Award - Golden Legends Challenge 2023- Until

Wessland Femme Queen 2022-23

Best of the West Exotic Queen - Ladies Playground 2021- Until

Goddess of Exotic - The Body Shop World Productions 2021-Until

21st Century Burlesque Top 50 #14 2021

21st Century Burlesque Top 50 #16 2020

21st Century Burlesque Top 50 #15 2019

Most Iconic - Oregon Burlesque Festival 2019

Best Soloist/Burlesque - Aburly Q- 2019

Legendary Entertainer Award LGBT/Shakedown Productions 2018

21st Century Burlesque Top 50 #26 2018

Competed for Best Debut in 2017 and Queen 2018 at BHOF

Miss Marvel Universe 2018

Master of Nerdlesque 2018 "Second Runner Up

Judges Choice Best Bribe Award "Shimmy Showdown" 2018

Best Latin Representation Award "The Int'l Latin&Hispanic Burlesque Fest 2018

Entertainer of the Year 2018 "West Coast Our Honors Award"

Ambassador Queen of Viva Las Vegas 2018

21st Century Burlesque Top 50 #18  2017 

Queen of Humboldt Burlesque 2017/18

Miss Hollywood Burlesque 2017/2018

Dita Von Teese Choice Award "Viva Las Vegas 2017

Miss Viva Las Vegas Princess 2017

Queen of Texas Burlesque "Best Solo" Texas Burlesque Festival 2017 

21st Century Burlesque Top 50 #38  2016 

Unsung Hero Award for HIV/AIDS awareness & prevention 2016 "Honors Award"

Miss San Antonio Burlesque Queen 2016

Burlypicks World Championship Games "Overall Winner" 2016

Master of Assels "Burlypicks Int'l" 2016

Best Dancer "Burlypicks Int'l"  2016

Most Fierce "Burlypicks Int'l"  2016

Best Costume "Burlypicks Int'l" 2016

Legends Choice "Burlypicks Int'l " 2016

Miss Pin Up Perfection Queen 2016

Most Entertaining "AburlyQ" 2016

California Burlypicks "Gold Medalist" 2016

California Burlypicks "Master of Assels" 2016

Miss Viva Las Vegas Princess 2016

Sparkly Devil Scholarship Winner BHOF 2016 

Best Soloist "Great Burlesque Exposition" 2016

Most Erotic "Hollywood Burlesque Festival 2015"

Queen of Southern Fried Burlesque Festival 2015

People Choice Award "Southern Fried Burlesque Festival" 2015

Biggest Tease  "Oklahoma Burlesque Festival 2015"

Silver Medal Winner "CA Burlypicks 2015"

Princess of the Great Southern Burlesque Festival 2014/15


Egypt goddess of the Nile ruler of hearts taker of souls and temptress of seduction

Dita Von Teese Choice Award Winner

Perle Noire Original Gem

The Goddess of Burlesque

Goddess of Body, Beauty and Sex

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